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Yoshoku Night Supper Club at Megumi’s Table

29th June 2019

Yuzu cocktail


Sweetcorn potage with sweetcorn tempura

Combination salad with a selection of dressings

Chicken Nanban with yoshoku garnishes

Hifumi tamago rice


Drinks: BYOB

Please notify if you have any dietary requirements when booking. 

Price: £48 including a welcome drink.

Date: Saturday 29th June

RSVP: megumistable@gmail.com


Japan House - LONDON

November 2018

Hifumi is thrilled to collaborate with Japan House to bring a selection of Japanese-flavoured baked goods. We have developed a range of classic cakes and biscuits with a little Japanese twist, including matcha financiers, miso caramel madeleines and rum raisin sandwich biscuits along with rotating seasonal cakes. These will be available from 16h November, every Friday to Sunday at the Stand by the entrance, to complement the Japanese teas and lattes on offer. Using simple and natural ingredients, Hifumi aims to introduce the fragrant tastes of Japan through every delicious mouthful.

This month's line-up:

Miso Caramel Madeleines

Matcha Financier

Black Sesame Financier

Rum Raisin Sandwiches

Kabocha Squash Cake

Chestnut Marble Cake

Japan House London


'15-a-day' Hifumi Vegetarian Supper Club at Megumi’s Table

14th October 2017 Door opens at 19:00, dinner from 19:30 to 22:00

A tasting menu of 6 vegetarian courses, £58 Including sake pairing, selected by sake expert Natsuki Kikuya

Venue: Megumi's 5 min walk from Notting Hill Gate, Bayswater or Queensway station. (Details will be given upon booking)

Number of places limited to 10

RSVP: megumistable@gmail.com


Hifumi+minokamo+hatoba summer event in Tokyo

17th June 2017

minokamo    Hatoba



5th November 2016

On a beautiful autumnal saturday in November, Hifumi had lots of fun collaborating with Colenimo, an elegant, high quality clothing brand based in London by Japanese designer Aya Nakagawa. We provided the teatime catering for the shop's private preview of the Spring/Summer '17 collection 'E1027', a line of beautiful women's wear inspired by the French furniture designer and architect Eileey Gray. To tie in with the theme, we created a set of geometric biscuits and petit fours, taking clues from Gray's paintings and products.


Hifumi Autumn Supper Club at Megumi's

We will be holding our next supper club at Megumi's beautiful dining space in Notting Hill on Friday 14th October. We will be preparing 7 delicious courses of autumnal flavours. 

Friday 14th October  Door opens at 19:00  Dinner 19:30-22:00

A tasting menu of 7 courses, £36. Drink: BYOB

Venue: Megumi's. 

5min walk from Notting Hill Gate, Bayswater or Queensway station (Details upon booking) Number of places: 10

RSVP: megumistable@gmail.com

We hope to see you there!

Natsu Supper Club at Provisions

23 August 2016

Hifumi joined forces with Provisions for the second time, to bring fresh summer flavours. The guests enjoyed a 7-course menu, incorporating delicious cheeses and complemented by a flight of wines selected by Ben of Provisions. We introduced new and exciting combinations such as Sauvaget (ash-covered goat cheese) with Narazuke (sake lees picked vegetables from Nara) and air-cured salmon from Niigata; summer vegetable tempura with 36-month Parmesan shavings; and braised miso pork with Reblochon (Alpine washed rind cow's milk cheese). 

Hifumi + minokamo Supper Club at Provisions

May 5 2016

On the second night, Hifumi + minokamo collaborated with  Provisions, a wonderful wine and cheese shop on Holloway Road. We again used the delicacies from Japan, this time matching them with delicious cheeses and wines selected by Provisions. Together, we created 7 courses of delicious and memorable combinations of Japanese flavours with top-quality cheeses and cream available from the shop, from Feuille du Limousin matched with air-dried persimmons and red turnip; St Paulin with  Gohei-mochi; sweet corn dashi soup with Normandy crème fraîche; confit of chicken and shiitake with Carré du Vinage and Tomme des Allobroges; to hana sushi with 18 month Comté. 


Hifumi + minokamo Supper Club at Borough Wines

4 May 2016

Hifumi got together with Akiko Nagao of minokamo, a talented cook, food writer and photographer from Japan to hold a supper club at Borough Wines, Colombia Road. Akiko brought a range of rare Japanese delicacies from her home town Minokamo, such as Dojo Hachiya-gaki (堂上蜂屋柿 air-dried persimmons with a history of over 100 years), Genboku Hoshi-Shiitake (原木干椎茸 dried, log-grown shiitake mushrooms) and Akakabu-zuke (赤蕪漬け picked red turnips) to match with English ingredients. Our guests were delighted by the unique combinations of flavours which were unexpected but complementary.


Hifumi + Cookluck Supper Club at Ben's House

24 March 2016

We were very excited to work with Kyoko Hirosawa from Cookluck to host an exclusive supper club at Ben's House. Kyoko is a popular cook and food writer from Japan, based in Itoshima in Kyushu, in the south. For her first event outside of Japan, she brought a number of interesting ingredients from her home town such as Ayu-gyosho (鮎魚醤 fish sauce made from salted, fermented sweetfish), fresh wasabi, Katsuo-bushi (鰹節 smoked, dried bonito) and Ama-zake (甘酒 sweet sake). Together with local ingredients, we created delicately-flavoured dishes, some of which were definitely tasted for the first time in the UK!

Cookluck - Kyoko Hirosawa

Haru Supper Club at Ben's House

March 19 2016

Hifumi collaborated Ben for the second night, this time bringing a menu of 6 courses, full of spring colours and flavours. With the aid of delicious wines and beers from Ben's House, the guests enjoyed the long, atmospheric evening with a range of otsumami, chilled soup, terrine, duck, temari-sushi and a selection of Japanese petit fours.  


Izakaya Night at Ben's House

March 17 2016

Hifumi returned to Ben's House to hold a one-night Izakaya pop-up at Ben's House. Along with cups of cold sake, our guests ate up a number of small dishes, ranging from shiso terrine, chicken tsukune, dashimaki, tenmusu, kaki-age, karashi-ae ... - some of our favourite flavours from Japan. The meal finished  with the jewel-like citrus kanten, a gradation of natural colours, green to red

Donburi Lunch Club + Winter Supper Club At Ben's House

December 12 2015

We were delighted to work with Ben of Ben's House for a one-day pop up at his wonderful store, which specialises in products 'cured, created and crafted in London Town'. Following his concept, we sourced our ingredients locally.

We started the day off with a lunchtime event, serving guests a choice of three donburi sets (Pirikara spicy pork, Konbu-dashi Tuna, and Chicken Kara-age) with side dishes and a Japanese sweet, dorayaki. The teishoku-style dishes proved to be very popular - something we would love to serve when we have a permanent venue in the future.

For the evening service, we served a festive winter menu with beef tataki salad, Kabocha dashi soup, slow braised pork belly, finished with a beautiful winter petit fours selection.

Festive Winter Supper Club at Borough Wines

December 03 2015

We continued our collaboration with Borough Wines to bring a warming pescatorian menu for the winter. The evening started with otsumami from various parts of Japan such as imo-mochi from Hokkaido, okonomiyaki from Kansai, and was followed by delicious fish dishes including seared tuna and miso braised mackerel.

Summer Supper Club at Borough Wines

September 17 2015

For our very first event, we worked with Suzy from Borough Wines, Kensal Rise to bring a 6-course supper club. 

Our aim was to work with Borough Wines to come up with a menu that is authentic Japanese but also goes well with different wines and beers available from the store. Guests enjoyed a refreshing summer menu ranging from sandwiched lotus roots, chilled jellied dashi soup, nanban chicken, kaku-zushi to houjicha panna cotta.